Uncategorized Jan 30, 2018

This will be taken down when the 27 are in the system signed up for IDSHIELD product. If you are reading this, it is still not full.

I am having a contest with 27 winners. This is what to do to enter and what to expect:

#1 10 weeks to healthier credit: If you are a winner you will get entered into the program for NO CHARGE! *remember in the program Jeanne is answering questions daily. You have direct access to ask your ongoing credit questions.

You must sign up for IDSHIELD that is $9.95 a month.  This is a product via LegalShield that monitors & protects your credit. While you are working on your credit goals, I want you to be getting alerts of changes. I have all my clients sign up for this product as even I have it because I want you protecting your Identity. 


To Your Healthy Credit & I am excited to help you achieve your credit goals,



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