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Uncategorized Dec 03, 2018
                                      Coaching Session with Jeanne Kelly (Value $999.00) 
                                               5 People will win the coaching session
Wouldn't it feel great to start 2019 with better credit? No matter where you are with your credit, if you've been waiting to achieve a better report and score, you can start today~!  My Credit Lifestyle Club provides training where I reveal the successful credit habits, strategies, training, techniques, and tools that allowed me to build better credit and help thousands of others do the same thing.
Credit Lifestyle Club access will be FREE when you purchase the monthly Credit Monitoring and ID protection for $9.95 a month, but that is not all you will then be entered into the contest to WIN the coaching session with Jeanne Kelly.
Contest Details: 
  • Email me with your paid confirmation 
  • BONUS! You get access into Jeanne Kelly's steps to rebuild your credit with Credit Lifestyle Club each month you have the ID protection
  • You get entered into the contest for a chance to win a coaching session with Jeanne. *Winner will be notified with an email and a call. 
Contest entries by the ID protection sign up 48-hour contest,  this is Jeanne's biggest contest. Please email, call or text with any questions about this sale (866) 283-8818.
Good Luck on winning the coaching session ~!!!!!!
Jeanne  Kelly

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