Silver Package

$600.00 USD

  • 2 Training Sessions *(over the phone, takes under 30 minutes)
  • Customized Credit Plan
  • Sample Letters
  • Instant Access to Credit Club
  • Important, we will need a copy of your credit report(s) before the telephone session.

What People Are Saying:

I have always struggled with poor credit. No matter how much I tried to save and spend wisely, my credit was always in the high 500s - low 600s range. After enrolling in Jeanne's online course, I gained a wealth of knowledge pertaining to improving my credit score. I can't believe how much I was doing wrong without being aware. I went through Jeanne's step-by-step, easy-to-follow training. I also tuned in on a few of her live training sessions on Facebook. By following her simple steps, I was able to negotiate with creditors and get multiple discrepancies / collection items removed from my credit that I didn't even know existed. With Jeanne's advise, I am also currently in the process of filing a dispute with Experian. A few days ago, I checked My Fico score to find that TransUnion jumped up to 717 and Equifax up to 719! After my latest dispute is corrected, the MyFico simulation system says that I will soon be past 760! I would never have imagined that my credit could improve in such a short period of time by implementing such simple strategies. I would highly recommend Jeanne's training to anyone and everyone who has credit issues in need of rectification. With Jeanne's help, I am well on my way to obtaining my dream credit score and pursuing my professional goals.

Dr. Barbara

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