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Jeanne Kelly is on a mission to improve lives by providing credit education that can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere, at any time. Future-proof your credit to live a life you love without financial stress.

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Credit Training

It doesn’t matter if you are starting new, rebuilding from bad credit, or you want to learn more about your credit score. Every person needs this Step-by-Step credit training to live the life you want right now! You now have the tools to follow your financial dreams and achieve the success you deserve! Use Credit Training to take the guesswork out of creating excellent credit!

Coaching Call/Review
$499 USD

Do you want to work directly with one of Jeanne Kelly's trained credit experts? This is how you can, we will review your credit reports in detail, set you up with a credit action plan & help you work on getting healthy credit. 

Join The 700 Club
$1.00 USD

~ The #1 question I am asked is how do I get my credit into the 700's and keep it there for good?

~ Well, I can show you how I did it! Use the tools I give you in the 700 Club to do it Yourself!




Jeanne brings you over 20 years of expertise in helping others with growing healthier credit. Together I can help you reach your credit goals!

I know these steps work!! My credit coaching clients experienced incredible results paying me thousands of dollars and now I am sharing the steps inside this program.

The program empowers you to choose credit on your terms.

About Jeanne Kelly:

Jeanne Kelly is an author, a speaker and a widely sought-after credit coach. Fifteen years ago, Jeanne was turned down for a mortgage and she realized that she needed to understand why and fix the problem.

Today, Jeanne has become one of the country’s foremost authorities on credit, credit reports and credit scores. She is the author of two books, she has appeared on The Today ShowThe Lisa Oz Show, Blogs for the Huffington and her advice has helped thousands around the United States to build stronger and healthier credit.
 What does your credit say about you?
The first step to building healthy credit is knowing what is on your credit report. Sign up for Jeanne’s #1 Credit Tip Video on where to get your credit report without hurting your score.

"First and foremost can you let Jeanne know that her credit work is a blessing. My credit score has now gone up 68 points. I am so happy I followed her advice about credit cards. I am now receiving credit card offers instead of searching a credit card company that would accept me.”



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