Tips And Strategies For A New Relationship

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2017

Sharing Your Credit Score With Your Partner – Tips And Strategies For A New Relationship

 If you’re in  a new relationship, everything is exciting and new. You’re happily learning things about your new partner – their likes and dislikes. And, you’re sharing things that you want them to know about. 

As your relationship deepens, you each tend to share more personal information, trusting the other person to honor your privacy while at the same time getting to know you better.

 Somewhere along the way, you may choose to share your credit score with your partner. I know this may not sound glamorous but it is important to have the money talk and with money you should talk CREDIT.


Why You Should Share Your Credit Score With Your Partner

For some people, the idea of sharing their credit score with anyone seems strange. But if you’re in a romantic relationship that seems to be getting serious, it makes perfect sense to talk with your partner about each other’s credit score – and this has been a growing trend among couples in the past few years. A major stress on a relationship is over finances. 

A credit score is one factor in your financial health, it’s actually a very good piece of information to know about your partner. It reveals how they handle commitments with money. It also reveals what challenges you may face in the future if your relationship becomes more serious to the point where your finances will become intertwined – for example, with their low credit score hamper your ability to get a home loan with them?

How To Share Your Credit Score With Your Partner 

For people with lower credit scores, the “credit score conversation” can be a difficult one. If you have a low credit score, you may be dreading this conversation. Here are some tips for both people in the relationship: 

  • Remember that a low score in itself doesn’t mean it has to stay low if you focus on rebuilding your credit.
  • During the conversation, keep an open mind and remember that what’s in the past is in the past: sometimes a bad credit score may have been the result of a previous relationship gone bad or an unfortunate job loss that led to unpaid bills.
  • Remember that credit scores are only ONE aspect of financial health. If you are part of my credit club that it the first step of learning more about credit reporting to help you focus on rebuilding better credit.

To your Healthier Credit and your serious relationship~! It takes time to rebuild your credit, but by starting TODAY you are in the upward direction. Congratulations~!

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