Credit Online Program & Training Session

Do you want to work directly with one of Jeanne Kelly's trained credit
experts & also take the Understand & Build Healthy Credit program? This is
our best combination offer!

The training session, we will review your credit reports in detail, set
you up with a credit action plan & help you work on getting healthy
credit. It doesn’t matter if you are starting new, rebuilding from bad
credit, or you just want to learn more about your credit score. Jeanne's
team will give you practical advice and insight in a private one-on-one
phone-based training session. Jeanne has been helping people with their
credit for over 15 years and now she wants one of her trained experts to
help you!

The Understand & Build Healthy Credit Program is Get 6 Modules with over
15 video lessons, worksheets, templates, screen flows and more with
everything you need to know to start getting better credit!This is how you
can stop spending hours of your life circling round & round not getting
the real answers to your credit concerns. I am so happy you found my class
to help you get back on track with a healthier credit score!!!! This is
how you are on your way to building better credit! I can’t wait to share
with you and I can’t wait to hear YOUR success!

In Jeanne Kelly Academy- Understand & Build Healthy Credit, you will learn
how to:

Learn you are not alone: from my story to the history of being in this
industry for over 15 years, I will help you take the stress of not knowing
about credit to learn how to achieve the healthiest credit for yourself.

Credit Reports: I will teach you how to get your credit reports where it
will not hurt your credit score

Highlighter Lesson: I will teach you how to review the credit report, not
just the obvious errors but all the details of each credit report.
Disputing I will explain how to dispute errors you find and I attach
sample forms to help you.

Organization: This is key when working on your credit, follow up is a must
I will provide tools to help you.

Credit Scores: I am sure you have heard of these, let me explain about the
differences in scores.

FICO Scores: Learn everything you need to know to know about these credit
scores so you can make better financial decisions. I will break down the

Late Payments: Get all the details you need to know, how to work on any
late payments.

Collection accounts: No one likes to be surprised by these, but I will
help you figure them out.

Public Records & Tax Liens: Many people think if a tax lien is paid that
it gets removed from the credit report, I will explain the details on them
and how to deal with resolving them.

Balances. I will teach you about high credit limits and balances and how
you can make the best of using your credit cards. Yes, using them in a way
to help you.
Healthy Credit: Once you have completed my course then you will want to
keep building better credit and I will teach you how.

Important, we will need a copy of your credit report(s) before the
telephone session. So, we always suggest starting the online program and
after you have the lesson on obtaining your credit reports and you have
them, that is the time to schedule your one on one over the phone credit
training session.


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