Top Credit Lessons For College Students

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2017

An important topic that is often overlooked in college is credit; in particular how to build it, why one should build it and how to manage it responsibly. Most college students  do not possess adequate money management skills and are often overburdened with large student loans and credit card debts. Learning to avoid these credit pitfalls and establishing a healthy credit history is an important skill that ought to be learned in college.

The following are credit lessons for college students: 

Develop a healthy respect for credit cards 

This is an absolute must while you are in college as it will help you build your credit history which is crucial for purchasing a vehicle, renting an apartment, or could be helping you with landing your dream job after graduation.  How can you responsibly manage your credit card? 

Keep your spending low: The best way to avoid big credit card debt is by keeping your expenditures under control. Use your credit card only when you...

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